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      Andrew Boland

      Hi lads,

      I seen Andrews thread on backroads. Well done for getting this club back up and running.

      I wanted to buy or build a lotus 7 type road legal car for TrackDays but always found some problem with either insurance or road legality. I hope this club makes it easier for similar minded people in the future. The least I can do is join, so I have.

      I also have a Mx5 turbo that has all the best donor parts for a Westfield or gbs, so might look at it again someday.

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      Welcome to the club Andrew! Which MX5 have you got? My Westie used a 91 1.6 MX5 as a donor, albeit a N/A one! Plenty of nice MX5 turbo powered kit cars out there, and a good few of them are Westies.

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