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      Hey just joined today.
      Have been on off building a MEV Exocet for far too long. recently got the push to get it finished and hoping for a track day in the summer.
      Have spoken to someone in the NSAI about IVA and it seems they are not much closer than they were when I spoke to them 6 years ago and 4 years ago.
      Good news though is they have started a “project” with 2 people assigned to a caterham , and they now have mine on file so fingers crosssed something will come from it.
      few pics below of some different stages of the build (hopefully)

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      Welcome to the club rubixvigna! Nice car too! The project they’re working on is for FergalB’s car on here, so hopefully we’ll see more updates coming through soon. It could be worth your while though to contact MEV to see if they could do a post build check and put the car through a UK IVA for you when you’re finished the build, in case the NSAI still aren’t ready.

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      Another MEV builder who’s been at it too long. Welcome to the club 🙂
      Work has all but stalled on my Rocket, but now that road-registering/IVA is put off, a track day down in Mondello is a more realistic goal. Probably still going to need working brakes and rear lights connected up.

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