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      Hi all,

      I’ve been building a MEV Rocket with a Focus ST powertrain, Jenvey ITBs

      This was what I got from RTR

      and this is where we are a bit more recently
      In the garage

      Albums are here:
      and here:
      Fuel system 02

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      Build is looking great Simon! Lovely sounding engine too with those ITBs.

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      The big update recently is the fuel system, which died due to lack of use/boredom.
      Replaced stock in-tank lift pump with a Walbro external one, and even with constant power no fuel was making it back to the return. Prayed it was something cheap like a filter, but no, the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-a-real-Systec Fuel Pressure Regulator was the fault, bypass it and happy whooshing sounds again.
      So after getting a lovely AEM one from Demon-Tweeks with 9/16ths connections I could connect to (it went back, €34 in postage there and back lost), my proper Systec FPR arrived a week or two ago, and I made sure to spec 8mm push-on hosetails with it. Thick end of €200 all in, but if I get an hour or two this week I might actually get fuel circulating again. And then the fun game of guessing which part is turning clean fuel orange can begin.
      Tank is aluminum, so is the pump (?), filter case certainly is, hoses are telfon, fuel rail is aluminium, even the connectors are aluminium. Hopefully the Chinese FPR with Al housing had rusty iron parts and the problem goes away.

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