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      Guys just bought a Uk reg f355 kit car … how do I go about clearing to ROI reg
      Any help be great
      I’m insured as Mr2 “with body kit” modification through auto abbey line but like to be legit

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      Any response would be welcome

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      Hi Martin,
      Welcome to the club. Registration in Ireland would depend on a few different things. Does the kit use the original mr2 chassis or a new one? Also, what year was the mr2 donor? Has it ever done an IVA test?

      For insurance in Ireland, Barrets are the option used by almost everyone that I know of in the club. They insured my Westfield on the UK plate while I transferred it onto the Irish one.

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      Hi Andrew
      Thanks for response
      Mr2 chassis, 1990, registered as Mr2 on UK owners cert and had a current MOT
      I’ve reached out to Barrett’s waiting on quote – I did get insurance with abbey line in NI and described car as Mr2 with body kit

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