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      Hi everybody.

      I am spanish, civil engineer and car ethousiast. I own an MG 1600 of 1960 and an Honda Prelude IV, apart from a modern hybrid Ford Kuga 4×4.

      A few years ago I started to work in a kit car project in the workshop I have in my backyard. I purchased an Aristocat kit in Manchester and a Jaguar XJ6 as donor car in Sapain.

      My plan was (before the Brexit):

      1) Build the car in Spain.

      2) Travel to UK with the car on tow and become resident there (what was easy and unexpensive before the Brexit) and get a UK numberplate for the car after having passed the IVA.

      3) Travel back to Spain with the car on tow again and get a spanish numberplate, what was easy and unexpensive provided I had a UK plate.

      As you can imagine, the Brexit made this plan impossible.

      Therefore, I am looking for a solution through Ireland…

      Might I have my Aristocat approved in your country (whch, fortunately, keeps on being a UE caountry like ourselves)?

      Kind regards,

      Manuel Aparicio

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