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      Please read and understand the rules of this forum prior to participating. Posting implies that you accept these rules. 



      The Irish Kit Car Club Committee disclaims any responsibility for any liability or otherwise arising from any person’s actions upon advice contained within the club newsletter, website, email or correspondence or actions whilst building, driving or repairing their cars that may result in injury or loss.

      Forum Rules for All Members

      1. The IKCC Committee reserves the right to modify these rules as needed without prior notification and your use of the forum is agreement to abide by these rules.
      2. Members should be aware that much of this forum is public, and 
      3. Healthy discussion is encouraged. Dissent, rudeness and deliberate confrontation are not. The Moderators and Administrators of this forum reserve the right to relocate, remove or edit any post or thread, for whatever reason they deem necessary. The Members concerned may be contacted and informed of these actions.
      4. New topics should be posted in the most relevant forum section. Occasionally a Moderator may move a thread to be in a more appropriate location
      5. The following shall be deemed appropriate for moderation action:
        1. Pornographic or adult postings
        2. Offensive language or imagery
        3. Copyright material or other Intellectual Property not belonging to the poster
        4. Technical “advice” that may initially be deemed as inappropriate, wrong and/or dangerous
        5. Any post deemed to be potentially defamatory, offensive or libellous for any legal, religious, race or political reason
        6. Obvious spam
        7. Posts that discuss or link to a post that is being moderated
      6. Where possible, moderation decisions will be taken by no less than two moderators.  A post may be hidden and/or locked until such a decision is taken.
      7. The Club reserves the right to use, re-use and re-publish in part, or whole, material including text and photos, submitted to and hosted by the forum, for the benefit of its members.
      8. For sale/wanted adverts can only be created by, and on behalf of fully paid up members.  Adverts created on behalf of non-members will be removed.

      Forum Rules for Moderators

      1. Moderators are appointed by the committee and these rights can be removed by the committee at any time.
      2. Moderators are representatives of the club, and should present themselves as role models when it comes to forum use.
      3. Moderators should make impartial decisions.
      4. If any post or topic is in breach of posting guidelines, it should be temporarily hidden, and brought to the attention of other moderators for consensus on a permanent action.  This is with the exception of any posts/topics being moved to a more suitable area within the forum, which may be done by one moderator.
      5. If a post/topic is hidden, the moderator should contact the offending user to explain why their post has been moderated.
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