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      Kieran Brernnan

      Hi All,Kieran here, Club Secretary. I have a Robin Hood, registered originally in 1998. Did a bit of driving around after registration in the early years and it was then left in a shed for about 15 years while the family took over. Now stripping it down, before i build it up again. Lots of rusty bits unfortunately. Someone mentioned soda blasting ??. I bought a soda blasting gun and covered the garage in soda, but not sure how much rush i removed. Just wondering has anyone any experience of soda blasting, successful or otherwise. On Andrew’s advice I am also using electrolysis to remove rust from the smaller bits that can removed from the car but its the main body that requires a different approach to get into the awkard corners. Any suggestions ??

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      I had some rust on my donor, I too bought lots of things, including a sandblaster to hook up to my compressor. Bought fine sand initially, which gummed up to the gun. Then replaced the gun and got proper blast media. Makes a big mess, I did it outside, needs sweeping/hoovering.
      I had very good results with a homemade electrolysis setup; big bucket (initially tin as it’s what I had, later upgraded to €4 plastic Aldi laundry hamper), strips of thick, cleaned steel for the anodes, and an old-fashioned (not smart) 12V power supply. Coat hanger for cathode, Persil for the conduction medium. Leave for 24 hours or more.


      Cleaned driveshaft bearing

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