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    I’m thinking more along an electric drivetrain with the same bolt in points as a typical engine. Small battery would do.

    Gets a valuable 0 g/km co2 and 0 nox.

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    Hi Andrew,
    great to hear you have made progress on the insurance.
    I had wanted to start 2 years ago on a haynes roadster but after many calls the only indicative insurance quote I got was for €3,900!
    Which stopped my plans immediately, so I bought an SLK230

    It’s a big question for anyone committing to a build and while it does very wildly based on driving experience, could “budget” figure be shared?

    For wife/me fully comprehensive insurance i pay
    Optima is €380/year
    Slk230 is €194/year
    Both around 200hp, but heavier than a kitcar!

    Are premiums similar to classic cars or a multiple of family car premiums?

    Many thanks for your tenacity on this,

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    Hi all, have been dipping in and out of the kitcar building plan over the last 20 years and am once again keen to start.

    Assuming you are registering as new, suggest you pick something more “co2 friendly” as the assessment made for registration will set the co2 figure for both vrt and cartax for life.

    I don’t believe there is a system of updating the co2 post registration but engine changes are permitted!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)