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    Another MEV builder who’s been at it too long. Welcome to the club 🙂
    Work has all but stalled on my Rocket, but now that road-registering/IVA is put off, a track day down in Mondello is a more realistic goal. Probably still going to need working brakes and rear lights connected up.

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    The forum is just kicking off in the last month, so most of us have our build diaries elsewhere, but you’ll start to see intros to the builds in this forum, including mine. MEV Rocket in D18

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    Consider certification separately from registration, though you need certification in order to register.
    Getting a UK IVA via Caterham sounds like a good idea, it’s certainly the path about which most is known.
    The NSAI have an Irish IVA standard, and a manual but as Andrew says, currently no process by which you could go and get your car tested.
    When I met with them in 2013, and again in 2016 after the Brexit poll, they said that a UK IVA would continue to be recognised here, though your form to ‘convert’ your UK IVA to an irish one will need additional information including corner weights not required over there.
    The tricky bit is registration, and how much money you’ll have to pay, and to whom.

    If money is no object, get your IE IVA (using your UK IVA), bring it down to an NCT centre like any other imported car, and pay what they ask for.
    This will certainly involve VRT (% of OMSP multiplied by a factor based on the CO2 emissions of your engine, 34% for me). They have to establish what your car would sell for here on the open market, which is tricky and subjective. For me, I have a car that is 1-of-1 in the republic of ireland, and if they decide it’s a bit like an Ariel Atom and they want 34% of €70k, I have a real problem. At least with a Caterham you can point to previous sales. You should collect evidence of these, save screenshots etc.
    The fun doesn’t stop there. If it’s a new build, new chassis etc, you might owe VAT of 23% on it too. And if you’re coming in from England, customs duty (12% I think).
    Importing a vehicle from Great Britain (GB)
    From 1 January 2021 vehicled imported from Great Britain are liable to:

    customs duty, if applicable
    Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)
    VAT at the current standard rate.

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